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  1. ephemeral The remaining two tests test the array data structures in simple ephemeral and partially persistent situations. From Cambridge English Corpus The representative makes visible and concrete something that is by its very nature immaterial, ephemeral.
  2. adjective If you describe something as ephemeral, you mean that it lasts only for a very short time.
  3. Some readers may smile at the notion of taking seriously these ephemeral productions. And so of children's play-books as well as their work-books; these are as ephemeral as their other toys. They were, no doubt, chiefly of a pantomimic and ephemeral kind. But like all dunghill products, the life of these was ephemeral.
  4. Ephemerals, also called ephemeras, were a class of outsider native to the Plane of Shadow. They included the predatory, two-headed reptilian dusk beast; the ethereal, six-legged equine ecalypse; and the dark and deadly plane-shifting tree called the umbral banyan. Although very different, all were partially or wholly composed of shadow-stuff. They usually lurked near vortices to the Plane of Homeland(s): Plane of Shadow.
  5. Ephemeral Rift, also known as ER and Uncle E, is an ASMR content creator on YouTube.. Biography Edit. Ephemeral Rift, outside of the character and channel, goes by the name of Paul. He has a wife and son. Paul has stated during a Q&A that he's been creative all his life and for that reason in , started his own Youtube channel by the name of Ephemeral condingsanentewim.mangwoodjeteadosenpiconsohademo.infoinfo: 48 (born May 17, ).
  6. ephemeral: (ĭ-fĕm′ər-əl) adj. 1. Lasting for a markedly brief time: "There remain some truths too ephemeral to be captured in the cold pages of a court transcript" (Irving R. Kaufman). 2. Having a short lifespan or a short annual period of aboveground growth. Used especially of plants. n. Something, especially a plant, that is ephemeral.
  7. Fleeting, yet beautiful. The world of darkness―― The main protagonist, Cloe (name changeable) lived in a secluded town. Surrounded by wire fences, it felt like she was trapped inside a cage. Zombies were the only residents in that town, and she wasn't the exception.8/10(27).

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